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I just, Dec 22, got a Comcast DVR system in Palo Alto, CA, and noted that it had some differences from my older ReplayTv DVR (comparison of older system). I am trying to learn about how to make it work best as well as seeing if we can establish a forum for:

  1. QUESTIONS -- Asking questions of each other about the capability
  2. DISCUSSION -- Discussing other topics relative to the DTR
  3. SUGGESTIONS -- Making suggestions about improvements that could be added.

If we can establish a form, then these will be linked to it, in the mean time, I will point to a Blog in case others want to comment on these topics

Current WEB comments, etc..


Hardware/Software links

Note: This is not directly applicable to the ComCast hardware,
but it does show what can be done to extend a Digital DVR.

The PTVnet DirecTiVo upgrade drive review -- Let's face it, DirecTV customers with the combo DirecTiVo boxes have been left in the cold for the past few years when it comes to TiVo announcements.

My notes:

MY configuration (Dec 21, 2004>:

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September 22, 2005 23:56